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Recovery Tools

Recovery tools are the cognitive behavioral self-help techniques people use to guide themselves through difficult situations. These tools are quoted or adapted from our self-help books Mental Health Through Will Training, Manage Your Fears Manage Your Anger, Selections From Dr. Low's Works, and The Wisdom of Dr. Low which you may purchase from the Recovery International online bookstore. Although you will be trained on the use of these self-help tools at meetings, it is important to have the books at home to read and study and thereby learn the method more quickly.

The following is a sample of some basic Recovery tools and terms. Click on one of the following links to download a more complete tools list, which you may use when you attend a meeting:

A Sampling of Recovery Tools and Terms.pdf (You will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader to view and print it at home)

Sample Recovery Tools

Remember, you are not alone. Recovery International meetings are a safe place to talk about life's struggles with others who have experienced similar struggles in their life.

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