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Recovery Canada Nominated

Joyce has made application to nominate Recovery Canada for the Health Spirit Award. She has been to an open house at St Josephs hospital. She sent testimonials and brochures for the Power to Change and Recovery Int. along with the Susan Pickett evaluation. On May 8 she attended a breakfast with Mary Walsh as guest speaker where the award was be given out. Unfortunately, Recovery Canada did not receive an award. Endorse for the effort, not the outcome Joyce.

Clara Hughes Event in London, ON

Rob and Jean organized a 'Meet and Greet' at the library. It was not well attended but went quite well. Both London groups attended and were able to meet Joyce there. A doctor purchased a book and it was a good test run. In the future they would like to plan more ahead of time. They also had a booth at the Clara Hughes event. There was lots of publicity as over 400 attended. There were three other speakers and then Clara spoke. She was quite inspirational. She will end her journey speaking in Ottawa July 1. The Distress Center in London had organized it well. Jean and Rob gave out literature, pamphlets and had video and books also. A Mental Health Through Will Training book was given to Clara.

More mental health training to help young Canadians

Canada's biggest school board plans to train all teaching staff how to help young people struggling with mental health issues.

Click here to read the article

Recovery International 2013 Leadership Training Conference

Ten Canadian leaders were able to attend the Recovery International 2013 Leadership Training Conference held in Chicago from Sept 19~22, 2013!

In attendance were seven leaders from Ontario and three leaders from Quebec. Seven out of the ten representing Canada were first time attendees and five out of the ten were sponsored either by Recovery Canada or Recovery International.

Cindy H. and Lionel P. were sponsored by Recovery Canada and Alan L. was sponsored by Central and Eastern Canada (Area 205). Michael M. and Claudine were sponsored by Recovery International, Michael being a director for Recovery Intl. and Claudine won one of the scholarships - one of seven scholarship prizes given out by Recovery International!

Recovery Canada was well represented with several directors, area team members, group leaders, a telephone meeting leader, a chat meeting leader, an assistant group leader, and a potential group leader!

The conference was a great success with trememdous guest speakers, training sessions, and awesome food!

Growth in Canada

Recovery Canada consists of 27 community-based peer-led self-help meetings across Canada and is diligently working on expanding and having more of an online presence.

We are growing! One leader in London, ON wants to be authorized after a trial period. A former leader in P.E.I. is starting up a group again. There is also another possible new group starting in Stratford, ON!

Area Meetings via Conference Call

For Group Leaders and assistant group leaders: please be reminded that we continue to have Area Meetings via conference call most months on the second Saturday of the month at 1:30 pm EST.
The call in number is 1-800-610-4500 and the access code is 204205#.
(Exceptions are the two summer months July & August and December.)

Trudeau shares life with bipolar disorder

Sarnia This Week

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News from BC: (click here)

The Recovery Reporter is evolving...

Our eventual goal is for the Recovery Reporter to become exclusively an e-newsletter full of news, pictures, examples and ideas... directly to your inbox. But we need to take it in part-acts. First, we will offer the Reporter as a PDF file. It will differ a bit from the mailed version because it will have more content (since it is the printing and postage that cost so much). Plus you will get it sooner because you will not need to wait for printing and the post office to deliver it.

Of course, The Reporter will continue to be mailed to those who do not have access to a computer or to those who notify us by June 1st that they want to continue receiving the mailed version.

To sum up, from now going forward, unless you notify me at that you want a mailed copy, you will now receive the Reporter by email.

Celinda Jungheim
Editor, Recovery Reporter

News Article From Kitchener, ON

Anita Nickerson leads the Kitchener, ON group and was interviewed by Johanna Weidner of The Record. Click on the following link to read the article: The Recorder Article

Recovery International UIC Report Now Available

The Recovery International Group Meeting Evaluation Final Report was conducted by Dr. Susan Pickett of the University of Ilinois at Chicago. Read the report's Executive Summary (13 pages) by clicking here. To read the complete report (72 pages) click here. For more information about the evaluation and the results presented in this report, please contact Dr. Pickett at

News Article from Langley, BC

Brent Muxlow leads the Langley, BC local Recovery Canada group and was interviewed by Bethany Leng of the Langley Advance. Click on the following link to read the article: Langley News Article

2010 Awards

Phil Crane Distinguished Service Award

To be considered a lifetime acheivement award for distinquished service to Abraham Low Self-Help Systems on the International Level

Awarded to: Joyce Oliver, President of Recovery Canada
Introduction: Joan Nobling
Presented by: Celine Jungheim, President of Abraham Low Self-Help Systems

Joyce Oliver, Canadian, and dedicated Recovery member, was awarded the Phil Crane Distinguished Service Award this year for her distinguished service in Recovery Canada. (Recovery Canada is part of Recovery International which is now merged with The Abraham Low Institute to form Abraham Low Self-Help Systems.)

Joyce has been dedicated to Recovery and its method and steadfast in practicing, promoting and labouring to make Recovery Canada a reality. Thanks to Joyce's vision, persistance, and hard work, Recovery in Canada is now able to maintain its own memberships and issue tax receipts for all membership dues and contributions!

Joyce was certainly deserving of this award. All Canadian Recovery members and attendees aught to be proud and applaud her accomplishments! Kudos Joyce, and thank you for your dedication and all your will to patience, will to effort, and will to bear discomfort!


Huffington Social News

ElkoJohn Commented in Living

"One of the most effective self-help systems using CBT is the Abraham Low Self-Help Systems.

The mission is to use the cognitive-behavioral, peer-to-peer, self-help training system developed by Abraham Low, MD, to help individuals gain skills to lead more peaceful and productive lives.

Abraham Low Self-Help Systems was founded in 1937 and consists of more than 500 community-based peer-led self-help meetings in North America and beyond, telephone meetings and online forums. The Abraham Low Institute was founded in 1989 and developed The Power to Change for Schools and The Power to Change for Corrections. The two organizations merged in January 2008 and officially incorporated under Abraham Low Self-Help Systems in January 2009.

The organization is funded by donations of those who use the system..."

JumpStart for Youth

Diane Matier and Rosanne did a JumpStart training for an organization call Pathfinders Youth Society on Thursday June 18th. There were two councilors and 22 participants present. The Pathfinder Youth Centre Society (PYCS) is a nonprofit charitable organization that works with youth providing mentorship programs. This was our first time doing a JumpStart training together. Our goal for the three hour presentation was to have two people give an example and we are very happy to announce that that we met that goal. We are hoping to get invited back again and are very happy with the results.

Out of the Shadows

Phyllis Sanderson and Diane Matier attended the "Out of the Shadow" film presented at Douglas College, New Westminster Campus during May Mental Health Week. It was a movie made by a daughter whose mother suffered with Schizophrenia. It showed how the journey to get help affected the entire family. It was very insightful and informative. There were lots of comments on CBT and our Recovery Literature was welcomed at a promotional table. Many thanks to Phyllis for getting the connections for us to get the word out about Recovery International Meetings. Thanks Diane and Phyllis!

Happiness Day Promotion

On March 14th, Phyllis Sanderson and Diane Matier went to hear Haddy Abra speak about happiness. He commented on how important it was to self endorse (honor oneself) and how smiling and endorsing others improves everyone's mood. He said 'smile' before you get out of bed in the morning. So we can move our muscles to do that. We wore and gave out labels with the spotting phrase, 'Don't look regretfully into the past or fearfully into the future', and put out some Recovery International brochures on a table. We got a free gratitude journal and enjoyed refreshments. We are endorsing for the effort of doing a little PR while having fun. Thankyou Diane and Phyllis!

News from Area 201 Western Canada

We opened a new RI group in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Getting the doors open took will to patience. Even after finding the right location and setting a start date there was the surprise of a flood that prevented the washroom construction and the start date to be delayed. The new leader Phyllis Sanderson just kept spotting. "I will not put a limit on the amount of discomfort I am willing to bear" and today that meeting is up and running. Phyllis's assistants Sally and Teesa are a great help and with advertisements in the local newspaper by Carol, and in Craigs list by Danielle, we are getting calls. For starting her meeting Phyllis received the traditional "flexible pen" and voluntary contribution case to use at her new group from her former leader and mentor Diane Matier. Diane says anyone can become an average leader by "Practicing plainness, averageness and humility over arrogance, exceptionality and self-importance", "making your mental health your supreme goal" and a little help from your Recovery friends. Getting a group opened is a group effort with many part acts. Endorse everyone!