Recovery Canada - Overcome fear, anxiety, and anger!

About Us

Recovery Canada is part of Recovery International and is registered with the Canadian Government. Recovery International has a licensing agreement with Recovery Canada so that it may conduct community-based peer-led self-help meetings and practice the Recovery Method.

Recovery International was started by Dr. Abraham A Low, MD. Its mission is to use the cognitive-behavioral, peer-to-peer, self-help training system developed by Abraham Low, MD, to help individuals gain skills to lead more peaceful and productive lives. The organization meets this mission by providing community, telephone and online meetings.

Recovery International was founded in 1937 and consists of more than 500 community-based peer-led self-help meetings in North America and beyond. Numerous telephone meetings, online forums, and chat sessions have been added.

The Abraham Low Institute was founded in 1989 and developed The Power to Change for Schools and The Power to Change for Corrections. The two organizations, Recovery International and The Abraham Low Institute merged in January of 2008.

Recovery Canada meets at more than 24 locations across Canada and is diligently working on expanding its membership and to have a more extensive online presence.

Recovery Canada began operations in Canada in 1959 and is celebrating its 59th anniversary this year. Recovery International is celebrating its 81th anniversary this year! (edited 2018)