Recovery Canada - Overcome fear, anxiety, and anger!

Providing weekly peer-led self-help meetings across Canada. Overcome fear, anxiety, and anger!

Welcome to the Recovery Canada website!

Recovery Canada is the Canadian branch of Recovery International and is a self-help mental health program developed by Abraham Low, M.D.

Recovery International started in 1937 in Chicago and in 1955 in Canada. Meetings are held weekly in several countries around the world.

The Recovery Method is a compilation of many simple, yet practical coping techniques. To gain inner peace, members learn how to change the way they react to the people and situations they have no control over.

Members learn how to identify and manage negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that lead to stress-related physical symptoms.

The techniques are mastered through regular attendance at meetings, studying the Recovery books and literature, and daily practice.

Remember, you are not alone. Recovery Canada meetings are a safe place to talk about life's struggles with others who have experienced similar struggles in their life.

Read examples of putting them into practice by going to our Examples page. You can also purchase books that explain in greater detail.

Visit the Meetings page to find out when and where meetings are being held. There are online meetings, telephone meetings and community meetings across Canada.

If you have a question or need more information please Contact Us. Thank you for visiting the Recovery Canada website.